Cosmetic Procedures

Teeth Whitening

We provide some of the latest procedures in teeth whitening to our patients. People with dull, stained, and darkened teeth can have their teeth whitened in just minutes with ZOOM™ in-office whitening (as seen on TV's extreme makeover!). We also provide customized home whitening treatments as well. You'll be amazed at the results!

Zoom Whitening

ClearCorrect™ (Invisible Braces)

Now, teeth can be brought into perfect alignment without metal bands, wires, and brackets. With ClearCorrect™, practically invisible, custom designed trays are fabricated that move your teeth into ideal positions.

ClearCorrect clear aligner therapy not only offers the end benefits of traditional "wired” orthodontic treatment, such as straight teeth and improved bite function, it also offers unique benefits during treatment that are only available when going wireless.

  • Clear - No wires. No Brackets. No need to hide your smile. The aligners are so clear, many people won't even notice you wearing them. Smile all you want.
  • Comfortable - ClearCorrect aligners are comfortable to wear. There are no cuts or abrasion from wires or brackets like traditional braces.
  • Convenient - With ClearCorrect clear aligner therapy, there is often less time spent at the doctor's office than with traditional braces.
  • Removable - Because the aligners are removable, they allow you to eat, drink, brush and floss with complete freedom.

The Result: Comfort, Beauty, and Function!

Clear Correct

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Tooth Colored Fillings and Bonding

Advancements in dentistry allow fillings to be placed that match your existing tooth color. Metal-free fillings can be made virtually undetectable. Even the shape and size of teeth can be enhanced in minutes, looking natural and feeling great.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

Porcelain Crowns provide an esthetic correction of chipped, stained, crooked, or weakened teeth. Porcelain is added around your tooth, thus resulting in a tooth that is stronger, whiter, and straighter. Our experienced team can help you decide if porcelain crowns and veneers are right for you.