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InvisalignClear aligner therapy for a straighter smile.

Invisalign Treatment in Brownstown Charter Twp., MI

Bulky metal braces are a thing of the past. Instead, patients are opting for the comprehensive and faster treatment offered with Invisalign. This discreet way to straighten your teeth allows you to smile wide without painful brackets and wires intersecting throughout your mouth. Invisalign, a cutting-edge alternative to conventional braces, uses a series of clear, removable aligners custom-made to fit your teeth.

At Jaffe Dental Group, we want you to be proud to show off your pearly whites, and now you can with Invisalign. This advanced invisible braces technology accomplishes the task of straightening crooked smiles in half the time required by traditional braces. That means a confident, straighter smile is just an appointment away. Schedule your Invisalign consultation with our team of experienced orthodontists today to get started.

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The Process

How Invisalign Works

In just three easy steps, you can be on your way to a straighter, wider smile with Invisalign.

Step 1


You’ll meet with one of our experienced orthodontists to develop a proper course of action for your smile. We’ll take a digital scan of your teeth and develop a treatment plan just for you.

Step 2

Start Wearing Your Aligners

After the digital scan has been sent to the manufacturer, your aligners will be customized and created. This process can take a few weeks, but once we have your aligners ready, you can start wearing them immediately, changing out each tray once a week.

Step 3

Maintain Your New Smile

When you’ve completed your Invisalign treatment, we’ll provide you with a retainer to wear each night. This will help you maintain the new shape of your teeth and create a long-lasting result.

Maintain Your Smile

Set Your Smile Straight with Invisalign at Jaffe Dental Group

Caring for and maintaining your Invisalign couldn’t be simpler. Every week, you’ll transition to the next set of aligners, gradually shifting your teeth until you achieve the desired alignment. Jaffe Dental Group will monitor your progress regularly, providing you with additional trays as needed.

The best part about Invisalign, aside from the fact that they’re invisible, is that you’re in control. You have the ability to remove the trays at your convenience—to eat, drink, and brush your teeth—allowing you to determine how long your treatment plan lasts. You’ll also notice improved speech clarity, a more aesthetically pleasing smile, simplified cleaning, and better oral hygiene habits with invisible braces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Invisalign Questions

This will all depend on how complex your case is and what type of alignments need to be made. Some patients complete treatment in as little as six months, while others require a year or two. Overall, you’ll begin to notice results in just a few short weeks as your teeth shift.

Yes. During the Invisalign process, our orthodontists will schedule routine check-ins every few months. Each visit is designed to ensure your teeth are shifting properly, aligners fit well, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, you’ll receive your next set of aligners during these visits, as we only provide a few months at a time to ensure ideal progress.

In terms of pain, most experience mild but temporary discomfort. You can expect your teeth to be sensitive during the first few weeks as they adjust to the aligners and gradually move into the desired position.

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